About The Republic

Stash Madison hails from Coney Island, Brooklyn, New York, what some call the best place on the planet. If you ask Stash or "Supreme" he'll tell you "it's North of Africa, but the center of the universe." Birthplace of some of hip-hop's biggest icons, greatest athletes, and prolific minds and artists. Stash embodies the raw, uncut, gritty energy of Brooklyn, if you've ever caught his IG posts, you very well know. What started as Blac Cotton Clothing Company in 2001 between two brothers, grew into The World Famous Closet Junkies. Ran by one of the brothers for the past 10 years, we have created authentic hip-hop apparel from some of the cultures biggest names and artists, but over time it grew, and matured, and like all things in order to rebuild one must destroy......
Roc Flair is the most dynamic, prolific MC in the Midwest since Common. He brought his knack for producing and engineering greatness to the Republic, it also helped that the two had the longest running independent hip-hop internet radio show. Roc has dropped some classic underground mix tapes, both as a solo artist and part of O.O.C (Order Outta Chaos) alongside Ghosy Mafioso, and with the rhyme conglomerate the Legion of Lyricists. Roc is the genius behind  WKYA Radio alongside his long time childhood friend......Stash Madison.