About Brooklyn Republic Apparel

Brooklyn, one of New York City’s 5 boroughs, sits on the western end of Long Island. The iconic Brooklyn Bridge, built in 1883, connects it to Manhattan. Neighborhoods range from high-end DUMBO (between Manhattan and Brooklyn bridges); Williamsburg, a hotbed of indie music, art and nightlife; to beachfront Coney Island and its amusement parks. Leafy, row house–filled districts include Brooklyn Heights and Park Slope. Do you remember Brooklyn in the 90's? If you were ever there, then your have some unforgettable memories, I'm sure. The bock parties, late night corner rhyme sessions, trusty bodegas, and most of all the clubs. Brooklyn was the hotbed for all things fly, classy and trendy. We started Brooklyn Republic Apparel because Brooklyn is hip-hop urban culture at its best. Where the legends FUBU, Mecca, Ecko and others left off, we pick it up. Celebrating the Golden Era of Hip Hop with ultra-fly apparel for your style. We are capable of bringing your dreams to life through the magic a variety of printing methods. We've also made it possible for you pick from an array of our custom artwork for you to make yourself not only seen, but admired.
Brooklyn Republic Apparel, is an urban approach to a classic style, culture and way of fashion that embodies the flavor, essence and identity of the best borough in New York. Brooklyn gave birth to some of America's greatest icons, artist and trendsetters.  Brooklyn has given us some of the best music, most prolific athletes, and stand-out comedians, and that's just the 90's going into the 21st Century, so with Brooklyn Republic we want to add our name to the already elaborate and extensive history of Brooklyn greats. WELCOME TO THE PEOPLES DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC OF THE BOROUGH OF BROOKLYN!!!!!
Much love to Masta Ace, Marco Polo and General Steele (Smif n' Wesson) for the all-time theme and soundtrack to our movement. Available on Spotify, Google Play and more....