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Spread Love is the Brooklyn Way

Fresh Prince for Life

From day one we knew Will Smith playing himself would be something to behold, but what we didn't expect was for him to organically push and evolve the culture forward. From his array of urban styles to his unapologetic and brash demeanor but nothing caught our attention or some of us like his rare and flavorful shoe game. He rocked everything from a rare AJ4 to AJ5, with a special appearance from the Bel-Air line.  

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The Air Jordan 5 is literally the 'best Jordan ever designed". A lot of people bought J's because of Mike, not me. I loved Tinker, his eye for design, innovation, and technology was unsurpassed and still is. The 5 was the ultimate crossover shoe. It was an exceptional hoop shoe and then there was the cool factor, it could compliment any outfit. I myself made a drug habit out of collecting rare AJ4, and AJ5. 

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We've simplified things.

We took a poll and realized that we're not out to make money, and yes we have bills like everyone else, but we also have a commitment to the culture, which wasn't built on money or success but of the understanding that everyone deserves to be heard, seen and acknowledged. We've dropped our prices across the board and will continue to make changes that allow people to enjoy our creativity, send a message, support a cause and sometimes just express themselves.

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WKYA Radio Podshop

We are announcing the release of WKYA Radio's official apparel. WKYA Radio is the iconic internet station featuring the number team on the net StashRoc : THE SHOW. Now with their third run at with their iconic brand of shock radio and controversial subject matter, WKYA is setting new standards for what radio for the people means. Tune in every Wednesday at 5:30 on Spotify's Anchor app at anchor.fm/wkya or listen live at blogtalkradio.com/wkyapodcast and remember when you use code ONAIR you'll get 10% off your order, plus FREE SHIPPING.

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Lupus Vs. Us

Atlanta Lupus Find a Cure JDilla Lupus

In case you haven't heard the Atlanta Lupus Walk is April 25, 2020. Lupus has taken countless lives and will continue to unless we find a cure. Brooklyn Republic has decided to create select items to support the Lupus Foundation of Atlanta, as well as select other non-profits in the city. A portion of our proceeds will go to these select foundations

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