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What happens when a loudmouth child of the Black Panther generation and a smooth-talking, level-headed MC grow up get Brooklyn Republic Apparel & Outfitters (the outfitters means we make stuff for outdoors too and it just sounds dope, lol) But in reality we can cater to your every print need, you may want to re-read that, I SAID WE CAN CATER TO YOUR EVERY PRINT NEED, did you get that, ok good. We have an array of custom designs, in-house and also by some amazing indie artist and graffiti tag artist. I'll be honest and say I never really expected to be here, this DID began as a hobby...."but I guess when the recipe is one part pain and suffering / two parts brains and hustling / sprinkled it over Roc Flair production, you can't lose. (Big ups Reflection Eternal) " Stash Madison and Roc Flair are lifelong friends and now brothers (he married my sister, ole slick midwesterner), who share an affinity for music, art, NBA2K, GTAV and a love for their kids that could wrap the world 10 times over, which is one of many reasons they started Brooklyn Republic. Take a look around, click here, click there, spend some duckets and let's move this thing called "HIP-HOP" forward. Much love to Masta Ace, Marco Polo, and Mr. Stricklin for the support and major label love. You can see photos of  Masta Ace's " A Breukelen Story" tour featuring Brooklyn Republic Apparel & Outfitters. 

The Black Panther Infinity
The Black Panther Infinity

The Black Panther Infinity

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Masta Ace ft. Marco Polo - Breukelen